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BBTI is moving to the Bodleian Library later this year. We would very much like to know how you use BBTI and how you would like to see it develop in future. Answers submitted by July 13 will be collated and presented at the Print Networks Workshop on July 24 at Chetham's Library in Manchester. Please take a few minutes to answer the (short) survey by following this link:
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We are very grateful for your participation and continued support of BBTI!
Reminder: currently no new records are being added and no further amendments made.

The BRITISH BOOK TRADE INDEX (BBTI) is an index of the names and brief biographical details and trade details of people who worked in the book trade in England and Wales and who were trading by 1851. The National Library of Scotland maintains a separate Scottish Book Trade Index.

BBTI data - which are derived in part from published sources but are primarily the contributions of many local researchers - vary to some extent depending on which areas have been researched, the scope and nature of that research and, of course, the survival rate and quality of local primary evidence for book-trade activity.

For help with searching BBTI, please look at Frequently Asked Questions and use the help buttons on the search page.

The latest issue of our bulletin, Quadrat, published Summer 2011 is here

IMPORTANT: Please note that future issues of Quadrat will be electronic only. There is still no charge for subscribing but new and existing subscribers need to register by emailing the Editor, Catherine Armstrong.

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